Halloween is a popular Western holiday where kids are able to dress up into whatever or whoever they want to be and yell the popular phrase, “Trick or Treat!” Students at Clifford Kindergarten spent the morning going to various stations to play games, get temporary tattoos, watch a magic show performed by our principal, Ms. Zhang, and so much moreIn the afternoon students were able to travel throughout the school to each classroom to collect candy as a yummy treat to take home.

Run Around the Lake

To promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, our K1 and K2 students participated in a run around the lake bright and early in the morning before school time. It was wonderful to be able to run with classmates and teachers, enjoy the beautiful view of the lake, and get a fresh and active start to the day!

Earth Day

Earth day is an important holiday where we learn about Earth and what we can do to keep it clean and healthy. Students participated in many activities during Earth Day such as picking up litter around our community, discussing how they will reduce their carbon footprint, and creating crafts dedicated to our wonderful planet. 


Storybook Dress Up

To foster a love of reading and books while also celebrating the start of March into Reading month, students and teachers dressed up as their favorite storybook characters. From superheroes to princesses, Pokémon to different animals, the students were able to use their imaginations and creativity to become the characters they read about in their books. 

Sports Day

Sports Day is an event held once a year for every grade level where students, teachers, and parents come together to play hard and have fun. To kick off Sports Day there is performances from each grade level, a Chinese teacher dance, and a Western teacher dance. Then the games begin! Students and parents work together in various relay races competing against other classes in the same grade level. It is such a valuable time to create a strong bond between parents, students, and teachers while also learning how to display good sportsmanship.