The school curriculum is based off the Manitoba kindergarten curriculum. The school continually adapts and revises our program to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Our teachers meet on a weekly basis and team leaders make recommendations for change based on our class learning profiles.


Our curriculum is broken into themes, where students focus on mathematics, English Language Arts, and vocabulary. Our themes are different from K1 – K3 as the children develop age-appropriate skills.


Some of our themes include:

Animals (ocean, jungle, farm), Food, Trees, Music, Transportation, Holidays, Seasons, Nursery Rhymes, The World Around Us, All about me, and Science.


Each grade level in the school has weekly and monthly objectives in Mathematics, English Language Arts, and our themes. These objectives are reviewed in collaborative teams on a weekly basis where activities are tailored to accommodate our goals. If a grade level is in a food unit, math lessons will incorporate this theme.


Developing English speaking skills is also something we focus on a daily basis. A major concentration for all classes is the alphabet. Students that move through our program are expected to understand the letter sounds, simple phonics, sight words, and be able to write words and letters in isolation.


One of the school’s priorities is also promoting healthy child development. We want children to love being at school and be happy in the kindergarten! Games, movement, and play are daily practices in every classroom. We want children to love learning and to love school.

Every class sends home a monthly portfolio that is comprised of students’ work, photos of learning centers, and comments for each child. Parents can see progress, and a rich picture of their child’s continued learning development.