Cultural Day



Our second cultural day was amazing to see in action. Our school parents showed us all how dedicated they are to their children and our school. It was amazing to watch classes work together to transform their class area into countries with food, artwork, games, and activities. The students loved learning more about the world around them. It was a day to be remembered!


Welcoming the K1’s



It’s always an exciting day when we welcome our new students to school. Our K1’s are embarking on a three year adventure at Clifford International Kindergarten and we want to give them a warm introduction. Our K3 students showed up to surprise the new students with a song, and our K2 students created special gifts. Our new K1’s are going to be a great addition to the school.



National Day



Our National holiday is always a celebration at our school. This year the staff surprised all the students with a dragon dance performance! Each K3 class performed dances, songs, and plays that were enjoyed by the whole school. Our students and staff looked sharp in their traditional clothing.



K3 Graduation




We held our K3 graduation ceremony on the last day of school.  Students, teachers and parents were excited to celebrate all of their hard work over the past three years.  The students sang, danced and listened to speeches from their teachers, principals and classmates.  Each child received a diploma before starting the summer holiday.  Thank-you parents and teachers for all of your hard-work and support!  Good luck to the new Grade 1 students!



New Facilities



Our school has undergone some exciting new renovations!  The back track area has been expanded and is now fully undercover.  We also have a new natural play area for students to explore which includes a small forest, sandpit and tunnel.  Other upgrades include the front gate, entry way, art room, and front courtyard.  Our second and third floor play areas have also become multi-level.  Come and check it out!


Play-Based Learning



Our school has been focusing on learning through play.  Classroom teachers are working to set up learning centers based on curricular goals and student interests.  We’ve seen hospitals, post offices, restaurants, train stations and even a fossil dig site.  During this time, students are able to use their emerging literacy and numeracy skills in meaningful ways.  They are also practicing new vocabulary words and important social skills as they make sense of the world around them.