Moon Cake Day

The Mid-Autumn festival in China was fun for our students. The K3’s made traditional moon cakes for the entire school. The students carefully shaped their dough, making sure the sugary inside was completely in the center, and then pressed their doughy moon cake into a special design, which gives it its beautiful design. The students were so proud of their work, and it showed!


Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony was our first time as a school together! We all performed a song on stage. The whole school was so impressed with the K1 students and their participation in this first big school event. We are lucky to have so many great students at Clifford International Kindergarten. 

Welcome K1 1st Day

The K1’s first day of school was exciting, happy, and also a bit scary! The teachers welcomed the children with open arms through games, activities, and play. Parents attended this first day as well, easing the transition into their school life. Our Western PE teacher also led outside games for parents and children together. It was a great day for everyone!