K2 Visit the Wet Market


The wet market trip was a blast for all the K2 students. What better way to learn about our local fruits and vegetables but to go out and buy them ourselves? Students made delicious fruit and vegetable salads afterwards. What a healthy snack!

Reading Month


Reading Month is kicking off at the kindergarten! We are having our annual school competition to encourage everyone to read each night for at least 15 minutes. If everyone reads for 15 minutes, then we will reach our school goal of 165,000 minutes total and every class will get to have an ice cream party!



Every year gets a little spookier and a little more fun at Halloween! The children had a fantastic day of events, going to Halloween dance parties, haunted houses, face painting, and games around the school. At the end of the day parents came in for the students’ favourite part – trick-or-treating!  

Movie Night


Movie night was a huge success. Families came together to watch the “Lego Movie” at the kindergarten. The western staff served drinks and popcorn and it was a night to remember. Our IT department did an outstanding job at setting up the projector and sound system. We can’t wait until our movie night next semester.

K3 Open House

 Our K3 Open House on Saturday was another one for the books. This day was open to not just our parents but the public as well. The K3 students put on a wonderful Christmas play called “The Littlest Christmas Tree”. There were games set up for the public, as well as special center activities for all the K3 students. Santa Claus even made an appearance for this special day! 

K2 Open House


The K2 Open House was full of surprises. The students put on a thrilling K2 Christmas Musical. Santa Claus and a large reindeer saved Christmas in the play and the students sang some holiday classics. Who can forget the final group dance to “All I want for Christmas Is You”? Take a look at the link to watch the video.

K1 Open House

The K1 students have come so far since the start of the year. It was nice to see them shine during their lessons in class. During their Christmas production of “Frosty the Snowman,” it was so nice to hear how loud the K1 students could sing! The parent-child games at the end of the day were exciting not just for the students, but for the parents too.  This was a very successful first Open House for the K1 children.

Birthday Party


Every two months the IP Kindergarten has a birthday party to celebrate our students. Each class performs a song of their choosing to share with the entire school. As usual, the birthday party was a lot of fun. Each child with a birthday got a special present, and we got to finish the day with a delicious piece of birthday cake.