Dragon Boat Festival


To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, the children made their own zongzi. To make zongzi, the students wrap meat and rice together in a bamboo leaf. We then steam the wrap and cook the food inside. Every year this traditional dish is served during the Dragon Boat Festival. 

K2 Flea Market


The K2’s outdid themselves at this year’s flea market! Students sold old toys, baked goods, and even organic vegetables to the rest of the school. We want to give a big thanks to all the parents who helped volunteer at this event. 

K1 Open House


The K1 Open House finally happened after weeks of rain delay. It was worth the wait! This Open House was all about sports. Parents and students competed for bronze, silver, and gold medals. In the end, it didn’t matter who won, because the games were fun for everyone. The students showed how much they have matured over the course of the year. They all excelled in their games and showed great sportsmanship.


Baby Class Visit


The baby class students came to visit the kindergarten! We invited groups of students into our classes for a short lesson and they got a taste of what kindergarten life looks like. Our PE teacher also put on a special lesson for everyone. It was great to meet some of our new students for the first time.

Egg Drop

The annual kindergarten egg drop was fun for all! Each class designed their own unique device for dropping a raw egg off the roof of the school. The goal: successfully land your egg without it breaking. We had parachutes, eggs wrapped in plastic, and even home-made planes fly off the roof. Students cheered for success, but not all eggs made a safe landing! 

Art Class


Art class with Ms. Wang took advantage of the beautiful weather. The students went outside to paint pictures of their natural surroundings at the school. The students at Clifford International Kindergarten are creative artists! The trees they painted took many shapes and were hung on the walls to help brighten our environment.